How to store your shoe ?

shoe to store your shoes

How to store your shoe?

Storing shoes can be a bit tricky especially if you have limited closet space. some people prefer to keep them stored in their original shoe box, but there are many options out there depending on your preferences. Storing them in their shoe boxes keep them safe and clean, and the boxes

are easily stackable. but, you are probably thinking how do you know what she is in which box? At first, I easily recognized the shoe according to the box label; a recent Aldo shoe that I had purchased would obviously be in an Aldo box. Thin

gs started getting complicated, especially on those lazy days when I didn’t pack my shoes back in its original box, consequently leaving me searching hastily, early in the morning, already late for class for a certain pair of shoes. So, out came the camera, and I took a picture of each shoe, printed them out and taped the pictures to each shoe box accordingly. By the way, sneakers and tennis shoes don’t get shoe boxes.

My shoe storage system might not be for everyone, so I have a few ideas below. IKEA has several shoe storage solutions. I particularly like the one below because the storage boxes keep your shoes clean and safe and have a transparent closure which allows you to see the shoe inside; no need for photographs!


This next one is perfect for ballerinas or flats if you have extra hanging space in your closet. It is also available at IKEA.

If you have space for an extra piece of furniture, this piece is perfect. It only holds a maximum of six pairs of shoes but IKEA has several shoe cabinets to choose from, depending on your needs and budget.


If you are in a bind with space, Bed Bath and Beyond has several solutions. Pictured below, shoe storage which hangs over your door, or shoe storage that you can hide under your bed, perfect for those shoes that you don’t wear very often but at the same time want to hold on to. (I think we all have too many of those!)

Many different options can be found at A couple of my favorites are the shoe racks. Depending on your closet space and footwear collection, both are great assets. They both hold a favorable amount of shoes which are displayed for easy access.

And recently, I found this new mini size shoe rack, can put the pair shoe to be one, then you can save half space for your shoe racks, sure you can double storage your shoes now, this is fantastic shoe rack solution!shoe to store your shoesshoe-rack-stool-series-every-shoe-love

Shoes are quite the investment so storing them carefully will give them longer life for longer wear. Do you have a unique shoe
storage solution? Are you a shoe box hoard like me? Please share your idea as follow.