Shoe Organize Ideas and Tips

Shoe Organize Ideas and Tips to care

Shoe Organize Ideas and Tips.

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If you have over six pairs or sixty pairs (or more), here are some ideas and tips to let your shoe collection organized, accessible and protected.

Size up your shoe storage needs
Consider your entire closet when planning for shoe storage. Ask yourself how you feel the closet as a whole is functioning? You don’t want to make room for shoes only to displace other items.


Should be visibility and accessibility
If possible, avoid storing shoes underneath hanging clothes because they’ll be hard to see. Choose clear shoe drawers or shoe boxes so that you can quickly identify the pair you want. Make sure shoes are stored where they’re easy to access but also protected.

Store Shoe ways to choose
There are many options for Shoe Organize Ideas — from overdoor organizers and organizers that hang from a closet rod to stackable bins, drop-front boxes, and drawers for use on closet shelves.

As follow questions can help decide which solution is right for you:
1.Where am I planning to store my shoes?
2.What style do I like?
3.What styles of shoes do I have? (Heeled shoes require different storage than flats since they
take up more room)

4.How many pairs do I need to store? (If you like to add to your shoe collection, look for a modular system that can grow with your collection) Prioritize your collection Shoes that are worn most frequently should be easily accessible on lower shelves.

Store less-frequently wore shoes in protective clear shoe boxes so they’re out of the way — yet easy to spot when you need them. Switching your shoes between summer and winter is a great way to save space.

Shoe Care and protection
Outfit your shoes with shoe trees to help protect the shape. Cedar shoe trees, in addition to shaping your shoe, absorb moisture that will weaken and damage the shoe. Boot Shapers are also helpful for preventing boots from cracks and creases — they even feature a hook for hanging your boots on a closet rod!